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While every effort is used in keeping this site up to date Rob  reserves the right to change fees from those posted here. Please inquire about current fees when booking your appointment or discussing training requirements with Rob.

Session training while boarding to tune up obedience or field work (10-15 minutes each) $7.50 per session (up to 4 per day)
Training (basic obedience) $35. per day*
 **Basic obedience is a prerequisite to entering the following programs whether it is here or elsewhere (sit, stay, heel, here or come)              $850. per month * , (usually 1 month is enough)
Training (basic field work for retrievers) (3 month program with dog here) $1000. per month * , effective 2019
both land and water training on our custom built ponds and diversified lands and cover in our fields $35. per day * ,  *** reservation of grounds required in advance
Pointer (sporting dog) training with live birds, whoa, & recall. Traps and remote throwers for live birds (additional birds may also be purchased) $1200. per month*, **, *** effective 2019
Intermediate through advanced field work for retrievers, including handling, blinds and increased distances from standard hunting requirements (150 yards) $1200. per month * , **, *** effective 2019

*- NOT INCLUDING FOOD, these prices are if client is supplying food to which dog is accustomed. Otherwise add cost of food of your choice to daily or monthly rate.

** Please note** We endeavor to provide 2 training sessions for each dog daily 5-6 days a week. When doing intermediate or advanced land or water work that may be reduced to one session a day to allow the dog sufficient recuperation time.

*** Some additional incidental expenses for field training may exist for there may  be  charges for birds (frozen or live), shells, throwing and gunning assistance etc.

Any veterinary costs will be billed immediately and directly to client if in the opinion of Rob after consultation with our vet that immediate action is required (emergency). We will try to consult with client if it is a  non emergency situation.

E-collar conditioning and reinforcement training is $150 per month on top of other fees if I am using my own Tritronics equipment (Pro 70),

Be sure to clarify costs at the time you discuss training requirements with Rob.


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