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Numerous drainage ditches, ponds with cattails, parallel tree rows on an area we call "the bowling alley" some hunters call it "rooster run".


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Although the snow has knocked it down all tree rows are double fenced and grass and weeds provide natural habitat.


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The expert area for hunter and dog, 30 acres of cat tails (good luck, & pack a lunch!)                                                                


While many of our clients are local we have hosted shoots for clients from many parts of the United States, Europe, Asia, Australia and the Middle East.

With over 160 acres licensed year round we can generally find cover to supply the appropriate challenge regardless of the ability of the shooter or the dog.

From beginning teens  to experienced wing shooters and from puppy to field trial champion dogs we strive to meet the expectations and find the appropriate challenge to the preference of the client for an enjoyable and safe day in the field.                                                   



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