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Sold out of chukars and pheasants until late summer early fall 2022

 We have a new cloud based accounting system.   Upon receipt of the payment by email the estimate converts to an invoice marked paid and you receive a written confirmation.

We have tried to accommodate dog trainers who require just a few chukars or pheasants over the years but the largest portion of broken appointments or no shows remains with small pickups. Unfortunately if I reserve a time for you to train with a self training appointment or pick up that prevents me from booking a larger shoot or pickup for that day or time so the high ratio of cancellations or no shows dramatically affects the shooting preserve.

We decided to only raise enough birds each year for our  needs as it has become too difficult to anticipate clubs needs on a year by year basis without some kind of commitment from clients.



Whitewolf Ranch was acquired in 1992 in order for me to guarantee quality land and water grounds for my retriever breeding and training operation.

After nearly 12 years on the retriever field trial and competitive shooting circuit I decided to train dogs for others. We started training spaniels and pointers in 1999 when  a friend acquired a GSP and asked if I could help him train it on live birds here. Since that time we have helped train a number of GSP's Vizlas, wire hairs, english pointers and even the odd griffon in addition to our regular labs, goldens, nova scotia tollers and chessies.

Several of my dog clients noted that already having the grounds and cover it may be a good idea to offer game birds to complete the training package.

The breeding and brooding gamebird operation was started in 1995 and has expanded each year to supply the demand in close proximity to a major city such as Calgary

I went full time on dog training and the bird operation in 2002  but have officially entered semi retirement in 2018 so only accept 5 dogs part time per year to train.

   We now cater to pointing, flushing as well as retriever dogs, clubs and their owners.

Fishing In Alberta use the link below!                                                      

Alberta Sustainable Resource Development    

We also have some incredible hunting in Alberta from gophers, through upland birds & migratory birds and big game in the Rocky Mountains or  prairies.


Hunting in Alberta - Alberta Sustainable Resource Development


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